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Hi, I'm Syd Everett! 

The founder and lead designer of Syd Everett Design Co.

I'm a Designer, Entrepreneur, Artist, Creator, Friend, Student, Teacher, Trainer, Learner, Listener, Supporter, Innovator, Strategist, Thinker, Empath, Communicator, Motivator, Initiator, Helper, Healer and Dreamer.

As an entrepreneur and a designer, my work fuels my soul and I put my whole heart into every project I take on. I want entrepreneurs to realize all of the wonderful things they are capable of and that dreams really can come true. I am dedicated to forming connections and collaborating with different people at all different stages in their career. I help people and businesses solve problems and make their vision come to life through thoughtful and strategic design.

My specialties are brand identity design, social media content design, and ad campaign design.

As a friend and family member, I am committed, trustworthy and give all my love and attention to you. I am always here to listen or talk about any situation in order to help calm your mind.

As a pet owner, to my cat named Rusko, I wouldn't classify myself as a full on crazy cat mom...yet, but he 

is my little man and I love him endlessly.

I'm inspired by art, music, people, sunsets and sunrises, astrology, spirituality, women in business, holistic healing, sustainability, nature, small moments and all things I encounter on this beautiful journey of life!

Kind words

"I have absolutely no complaints! Working with Syd was a dream and when I was looking around to find someone who best fit me, her style spoke to me the most out of everyone's work I looked at. I will definitely use her services anytime I need more design work done in the future."


Marissa Augustyniak


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